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Dawn working at Della's


"Dawn Working at Della's" is a one wall mural which took approximately 10 hours and would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.00. Cost is set on a basic hourly rate of $50.00, plus supplies.

Examples: does the background need to be repainted? Or does the whole room need repainting first? An extra supply cost would be included for the gallon of paint. Does the wall have heavy texture? That kind of thing takes more time. Perhaps you are looking for a marbling, sponging, or distressing included in the mural or in addition to it. If so, there are some additional chemicals and or glazes which are required.

There are also multi-room discounts offered.


Effective February 1st the hourly rate will be increased to $60.00

Any job scheduled to be completed before that date will receive the $50.00 rate.