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Art Services:

Fine oil painting: figurative, abstract and portraits, ranging in every size.

Hand painted furniture: ranging from whimsical to formal, including distressed and
polished alike.

Decorative wall murals, faux finishing and distressing: both permanent and portable. She can come to your home and transform a once ordinary room into a one-of-a- kind showpiece. She can easily create motifs to match your existing furnishings and linen to pull together the perfect room. Her portable murals are painted on primed canvas and fitted with grommets for easy installation on your special wall. The average size of these is approximately nine feet by twelve feet, but can be easily custom sized.

 In addition she can match the various mediums to each other to create sets. Example: A kitchen wall mural with matching glass stemware and ceramic platter. Or, a hand painted headboard with matching ceramic washbowl and pitcher.
Or a portrait with a border to match your couch!

If you are interested in more information or prices you can reach Dawn by email at:

or use the links below for samples of her work, and other information.


Murals & Faux
Furniture & Ceramics
Faux Samples
Upcoming Classes